Teenagers Class

Artstar provides a special class for Teen artists. This is a space where adolescents can get together and share their love for art.

The teen class allows students to explore art ideas that are in keeping with their age, frequently allowing for individual programmes and developing more experimental approaches that are fitting for students with a more mature and advanced skill level.

The teen class assists students to develop creative thinking and skills in a peer environment, and is very much designed with current media and popular culture influences that excite the imagination of this tech-savvy age group.

The teen classes are run in the 6 – 8pm evening time slot. This fits well with the schedule of busy adolescents who may have after-school commitments or homework to complete. The class runs for two hours with a 15 minute break in between. Costs are mostly materials-inclusive. Teen students experience art learning in most media areas: sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, drawing, painting and mixed media.

The teen class usually works towards a group show in the Artstar Gallery. This particular exhibition features all of the students’ work curated and displayed in preparation for a special “Opening Night”. Here, the students can advertise the event themselves- mainly on social media- and invite other peers, family and caregivers to celebrate their achievements. It has proved to be a wonderful success in previous years.

Artstar also provides support for teens applying for scholarships to other schools and also folio preparation for these. Our skilled teaching artists can provide advice and special programmes that specifically develop a strong body of artwork for the consideration of select art schools and institutions.

The teen class is very popular, and is usually booked out well in advance of the beginning of the school year. For more information on how to join, or to be added to the waiting list, please phone Michelle on 0437630475.