Kids Class


Artstar Studio offers a unique programme that gives children an exciting, varied, but most of all FUN art education.

Our programme focuses on art EDUCATION, not craft, so current educational ideas and research in art education form the basis of the curriculum. In accordance with this, Michelle and her Team plan and provide art activities that are relevant and interesting to all children. We aim, as much as possible, to meet individual needs and to remain CHILD-CENTRED in our approach.

Children explore activities around studio art areas. These comprise the following: drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, collage, and mixed media. Children have the opportunity to experience selections of these areas over time.

As they experience and learn about creative thinking through art, children are taught practical and technical skills in developmentally appropriate learning episodes and time frames. It is our belief that creativity cannot flourish without scaffolding and support from qualified art teachers.

Our classes are run during school term time and feature multi-age groupings. Each class group works on different projects which are never the same. The resulting artworks are curated and hung in our purpose-built Artstar Gallery.


The Artstar Gallery allows children’s creative endeavours to become visible to parents, caregivers and the wider community. Feedback from visitors to the gallery has indicated that they are amazed at what children are capable of in terms of unique, individual expression and also the level of proficiency they display for their relative age. Parents particularly enjoy our monthly exhibitions in that they can see the PRODUCTS of the learning PROCESS that they observe each week when they watch their child at work in the studio.

Kid’s Classes are two-hour sessions with a 15 minute break in between. The classes are all-inclusive in terms of tuition and materials costs. Each class group is staffed by two art-trained teachers and usually a junior teacher aide.

For more information on what Kid’s Class may suit your child’s schedule, please access our Timetable on the website or phone Michelle on 0437630475 for more information.